How to Travel Thailand for $30 a Day


We spent 7 weeks island hopping and traveling across the country of Thailand and kept track of every penny we spent. How much do you think it costs for two people to travel in Thailand for 7 Weeks? The answer might surprise you.

Life in Pai

T he lovely mountain town of Pai is located in Northern Thailand and home to one of the best backpacking places in SouthEast Asia. People flock to Pai because there is ... Read More

Discover What to do in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai
C onsidered one of the top destinations to visit in SouthEast Asia, people flock to Chiang Mai for it's affordable prices, sight seeing, food options, and location. Located in the mountainous area ... Read More

Koh Lanta All To Ourselves

Koh Lanta
K oh Lanta was our final island for our tropical island tour this year and made us second guess spending the rest of our tourist visa in Northern Thailand. The island ... Read More

Koh Mook – Paradise on a Budget

Koh Mook
O n our trip to see as many of Thailand’s islands in a few short weeks we stumbled upon fellow bloggers Hedger’s Abroad recommendation to visit Koh Mook. Without any hesitation ... Read More