Island Life at Coral Beach Through Our Lens (28 Photos)

Coral Beach Sunset

Like we mentioned earlier this week we had the magical experience of living and working on an island off of the coast of Cambodia. A planned two day pitstop to Coral Beach on Koh Ta Kiev turned into almost two months and these are some of our favorite photos from out time spent there.

Sadly my external harddrive failed and some of the photos of staff and other behind the scenes are missing. But here is our home of Coral Beach through our lens.

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Scott Herder

Scott has been traveling with his Fiancé Megan since 2014. Prefers slow travel, beer, spicy food, and motorbikes. When Scott isn't thinking about travel he is either shooting hyperlapse or speaking about hyperlapse photography at international conferences. I love travelling and learning. Currently trying to learn how to take better photographs, use this website, and begin travelling the world. Life goals to have Anthony Bourdain's job and travel through India on a motorbike!

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