Getting Attacked by Monkeys at Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud

Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud

Ifyou are an animal lover like us, then this sounds like a no brainer. Hanging out with monkeys in a forest? Sign me up! In the popular town of Ubud, Bali is the Sacred Monkey Forest. You can enter with the small admission of 35,000 rupiahs (~$3.50) per person and even buy a bunch of bananas for 50,000 rupiahs (~$5) to feed the monkeys inside.  There are hundreds of ridiciulously cute long-tailed Macaque monkeys scurrying around in the forest. There are four different groups of monkeys occupying different territories of the forest.

Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud
Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud
Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud

We saw the bananas for sale and decided it was a great idea and a fun way to get close to the friendly monkeys. Boy were we wrong. We did not do our research. There are many sites that say do not buy the bananas and to beware of the monkeys inside the monkey forest. Apparently, there are a record number of monkey bites daily to tourists and also monkeys who pick pocket unsuspecting tourists. Worst case scenario, the monkey bites can lead to rabies or other disease. Lucky for us, no one in our group got bit!

Without knowing the information above, I bought the bananas! I was wearing a long black maxi dress and carrying my bananas freely in the open. I fed a few monkeys successfully one banana and they quickly and politely grabbed the banana out of my hand. Then, I fed one of the larger monkeys (the tour guide later told us the larger monkeys are much more aggressive) and he was not happy with one banana. I was chased down by the monkey who then had a death grip onto the bottom of my dress and started pulling and yanking. Thank god it wasn’t a skirt otherwise everyone would have seen me getting pants by a monkey.  I had to throw a banana and take off. This happened twice before I wanted to get rid of all my bananas! Luckily, after ditching all of my nanners I wasn’t approached by another monkey and was able to escape from the Sacred Monkey Forest unharmed. You can check out the video to see for yourself!

After that, we kept a respectable distance from the monkeys. We saw people paying a worker money to let a monkey climb on their shoulders for a picture. This looked awesome and made me reconsider my thoughts of the monkeys until I saw a guy get bit by a monkey and the worker just watched. No thank you!

We continued to admire the monkeys and take photos of the cute and crazy little critters. There is even a Hindu temple in the forest where monkeys live. This is a great photo spot for the monkeys.

Overall, we liked the monkey forest, but be more educated and prepared than we were. Had we realized the risk of being bitten and chance of disease we would not have gotten so close to the monkeys.  Also, we found out later it is frowned upon to buy the bananas. The monkeys are overweight from tourists and they more aggressive monkeys may try to rip your dress off or worse bite you! Be aware of your surroundings and know your limits and you will have an awesome experience. Afterall, it is only about $3 to hang out with monkeys. Pretty awesome!

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