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D'alas restaurant in Bali

If you are on your way to or from Ubud you will want to save a meal for D’Alas Balinese Restaurant. The restaurant offers delicious, local, authentic Balinese cuisine. The seating is outdoors overlooking the beautiful rice paddies and tropical foliage. The grounds also offer various walking paths to enjoy the view when you are done eating.

D'alas restaurant in Bali

Beautiful Scenery, Rice Fields and even Trekking spots.

We ended up liking D’Alas restaurant so much that we ate at it twice during our week long stay in Bali. The local staff is friendly and have decent English speaking skills. The menu has a wide array of foods including chicken, fish, veggie, and beef entrees. Every meal we ordered tasted fresh and was delicious. Make sure you do not forget to check out the drink menu. For only a buck or two you can enjoy one of their fresh fruit juices. Our favorite was the fresh watermelon juice served with a decorative watermelon slice. A perfect refreshment for a hot day in paradise!


Don’t forget the dessert menu either! We enjoyed the rice pudding and it was wonderful! The staff was so nice they gave us this as a delicious treat for coming back. One of Scott’s favorite desserts ever!


Directions to D’Alas Restaurant in Bali

Located 7km north of Ubud, this is a great way to get away from the busy touristy heart of Bali for a nice, relaxing lunch or dinner. Enjoy the delicious local cuisine and the stunning views.

It’s pretty obvious we love the D’Alas restaurant in Bali. Besides food it has a bunch of other activities it offers, from hiking, cycling, tastings and other fun stuff. You can check all that D’Alas offers by clicking here. We are dying to head back to Bali. Which makes us wonder, what is your favorite place to eat at in Bali. Let us know in the comments

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