Exploring Bali’s Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple

Considered the Mother Temple of Bali Hinduism is Pura Besakih Temple. The impressive temple consists of six different levels sloping up Mt. Agung (Bali’s most sacred and largest active volcano).  In 1963, an eruption from Agung barely missed Besakih and was considered a miracle and a gift from the gods. There also are around 30 temples scattered throughout the terraces and layers of Besakih. The most recognizable photo taken in Besakih would be the main split gate entrance to Pura Panataran Agung. We were told by our guide that the statues to the left of the staircase represents good and the right side of the staircase represents evil.

Besakih Temple

A great time to stop for a picture.

If you are a temple admirer like us then you can spend at least two hours here. Be prepared to pay a small admission (only a few bucks) and although a guide is not necessary to enter the temple someone will walk up to you when you enter and take you places you cannot go without a guide. Again, this is only a few bucks and 80% of Bali’s income is based on agro tourism. Be mindful and realize you are only spending a small amount to see one of the world’s spectacular places.

Pro Tip
Do not purchase a guide outside of the temple. They charge a hefty price outside the temple and try to warn you will not be able to take photos. Once you are inside the temple there are several temple workers who speak English and will offer to guide you for only a few bucks.
Besakih Temple

Sarongs will be needed!

Also keep in mind that you will have to either purchase or rent a sarong to enter any temple in Bali. We were able to bargain the price of our sarongs from 250,000 – 500,000 rupiahs (~$2.50-$5) each. Not bad for a beautiful souviner. And yes, men and women both have to wear sarongs inside the temple. This temple was gorgeous and impressive in size. We really enjoyed strolling through at a leisurely pace snapping photos and admiring the beauty. The clouds will roll in and out while you are there so be patient for the perfect photos! The ladies (Scott’s mother & myself) really enjoyed shopping for the beautifully colored sarongs as gifts and souvenirs.

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